An Acceptable Sacrifice (A Reasonable Service) – Pastor Ameh Idakwo

– Pastor Ameh Idakwo

You are a priest to offer your life

Matthew 7:21-23

Whatever it is that you do that is not presentable before the feet of Jesus at the end of time is a waste!

There is a kind of sacrifice and service that is acceptable to God

Malachi 1:6-8

In that scripture, God was protesting to his children and asking where is the honour you give unto me?

Honouring God is not the same as going on your knees or crying before him.

What defines how you honour or fear God is determined by the kind of offering (sacrifice) you give unto him!

What kind of bread are you bringing to the altar? Corrupted bread? Spoilt meat?

Jesus is paying close attention to the kind of offering you bring to him. He is paying close attention!

There are things people can’t take but offer to God as sacrifices.

God has a place! He is not placeless.

He places a demand on his people. Watch it so you won’t live all your life offering unacceptable sacrifices only to be denied on the last day.

Isaiah 66:1-2

If your life does not meet the standard of God, you have wasted your time.

Psalm 51:16-17

The sacrifice God demands is a broken spirit.

The sacrifice you give is not unto God but unto yourself.

Whatever you give to God is not valuable, what matters most is your heart.

It is the “WHO” God is concerned about and not the “WHAT”!

What God eats is your heart! If your heart is wrong and polluted, your sacrifice will not be acceptable.

If your heart is right, you will not be forced into dropping any offering, it will come willingly.

All you do for God, is it from an upright heart or broken spirit?

If the sin that ruled your life years ago still rules your heart today, then you are not broken.

God’s eyes are always on the upright!

God is not looking at your offering, he is looking at WHO is offering it (your heart).

God will not accept an offering from an unforgiving heart.

God’s sovereignty does not need your faith to act!

For he will have mercy on whom he will have mercy and compassion on whom he pleases.


Romans 12:1

Are you a part of the brethren? God will not accept a sacrifice from a heart that is not yielded.

Are you a brother/sister? Are you a member of the body of Christ?

God does not require your offering except it is from a genuine heart.

Mark 3:33-35

Go back and settle your differences before presenting your offering before God

What kind of food is your life offering unto God? Is it polluted?

Allow your heart to be broken by God today!

It takes the mercy of God for your sacrifice to be acceptable.

Romans 12:1

There is no sacrifice that is acceptable unless it is by the mercy of God.

You do not get born again to prosper! You get born again because Jesus loves you!

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