The Priest in You – Pastor Bimbo Oloye

-Pastor Bimbo Oloye
TEXT: Hebrews 8:1-10
Revelations 1:5-6
Christ has made us kings and priests.
Revelations 5:10
You are more than who you think you are. If you fail to see yourself from the standpoint of the bible, you will lose out on many things.
You are a priest! We are priests unto the Lord.
Since we have been redeemed by the Lord, we have been made Priests
Hebrews 8
Jesus became the High Priest of our profession.
Jesus offered a new way by his blood.
As a priest, you must choose to walk with the Lord.
Revelations 1:6
By mercy, we have been chosen and made Priests unto the Lord.
Malachi 1:6-11
Malachi 2:1-8
You are a priest to offer.
We have gifts and sacrifices to offer like the old times. Our high priest (Jesus) made us priests unto the Lord, we are compelled to offer sacrifices of praise and worship to God continually.
Hebrews 13:5
My mouth as a priest is an organ of praise, worship, offering and thanksgiving.
As a priest what other gifts can you give God asides your worship?
Romans 12:1
YOUR body is a living sacrifice!
We should be dead to the flesh and alive in the spirit. Your sacrifice means being dead to the flesh and growing in the spirit.
You are dead in Christ and you are also alive in Christ.
You died and rose with Christ and this should be your identity!
A priest is in a covenant relationship with God
Hebrews 8:8-10
The Lord has a covenant of ownership over our lives. We belong to Christ.
In the old covenant, the rules were written down but, in this dispensation, it is written in our
hearts and we have been given the anointing to teach us.
You have a treasure in earthen vessels that the excellency of the power of God might be of
him and not of us.
As priests, we have a covenant relationship with God.
We operate under a high priest.
Hebrews 4:14-15
Jesus put himself in our position and knows our frailty.
Malachi 2:4-6
1) A priest of God is supposed to be a custodian of the word of God.
The word of God must be in your mouth but most especially must be internalized.
2) As a priest, you are to SPEAK THE WORD.
3) A priest is meant to be Holy and be without sin.
Achieving holiness is possible because we have been dead to flesh.
Romans 8:16
Malachi 2:6
As Priests, we walk in obedience. We are meant to obey!
5) A priest should EVANGELISE.
7) A priest should invite others into priesthood!
Start from your house and your neighborhood.
Let the word of the Lord dwell with you richly.
You must allow the word LET have its way in your life. Allow yourself to do the work of the
Hebrews 4:16
When we access the throne room, we have mercy to obtain.
Mercy is the prerogative of God. He is the author of Mercy and when you come to the
throne, you are exposed to that mercy.
Mercy dictates to your life the direction to go and no evil will be able to withstand.
When you increase in grace, everything in the physical has to align.
When you increase in grace, ALL things work together for his good.
Though grace can be found in the throne room.
Mercy is God’s exclusive property. The portion of mercy you need per time is what is shown
to you.
It is he who visits the throne room that receives the mercy of God.
Grace is attracted! As you increase, you receive more grace!
To increase in grace, you need to tarry in the Throne Room (the secret place).
When grace speaks, it shuts the mouth of the Lion and every adversary!
When grace speaks, it goes beyond you and affects everything about you.
As you appear before the throne, Mercy speaks for you and disqualifies everything negative
then you proceed to receive grace.

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