You (Part 1)

Pastor Tolu’ Okusanya

There is a part of you that is forever, and there is a part of you that is temporary.

The forever YOU, is the real you! The YOU that can never die but the temporary YOU is the physical part of you that relates directly with your environment

There are always two dimensions to our being

The emphasis today is on the forever YOU because the forever you influence the temporary you

The forever YOU was God’s classic edition and God made man in that class. We represent the design of the creator. 

Psalm 8vs3-8

  1. You are not who men say you are. The opinions of men do not define you!

You are not who your teacher has said you are. You are not who life has tagged you to be. You are not even who you think you are, you are who God’s word says you are!

Do you know who you are?

Man is God’s perfect model and his object of love, his center and focus of love

John 3vs16

Christ sought for us! He bore all the pain and suffering on earth because he had YOU in mind

  1. You are the object of the father’s love

Matthew 18vs11

Always remember, the father loves you and nothing can change his love for you

  1. You are God’s masterpiece and his model of perfection

Ephesians 2vs10

A masterpiece is a work of art that has been done with so much care and detail.

 Masterpieces are not many because they are not common. You are God’s masterpiece! You are not a mistake!

Genesis 1vs26(NLT)

You are made in the image(representation) of God and created in his likeness (functionality). 

The forever you is God’s image!

When God created man, it was the temporary you when he was creating man. The forever YOU was created in Genesis 1 and the temporary man was created in Genesis 2.

There has to be a point where the forever YOU and temporary YOU will begin to synchronize. 

Man was created in the “God class” not in the “animal class”.

Words carry descriptive elements! Spirits respond to words, so we can begin to make things happen in our individual lives by confessing the word.

Start speaking like God!

Mark 11vs23

The things we must say must be things that make sense, that are constructive, progressive and should be in line with the purpose of God.

The forever YOU must have 3 components

  1. An Introduction: talks about your foundation.
  2. A body: talks about your growth.
  3. A Conclusion: our focus on the end of our assignment here on earth.

Your foundation includes your life choices, your commitments to things in life, your commitment to your creator, to man and to your causes.

The circumstances of your birth don’t determine the outcome of your causes.

Your real foundation begins when you make individual choices about your life.

Your choices are a reflection of your foundation.

Deuteronomy 30vs19-20

Heaven and earth take note of all the choices you make. 

God will not override your choices because he won’t subvert your will.

Fear came because of disobedience.

You can’t put a temporary solution on a permanent problem.

Obeying and believing the word of God activates his promises over our lives.

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