YOU!!! (PART 3)

YOU Is divided into two: The forever YOU (the indestructible you, the you that can relate with God) and the temporary YOU (the you that relates with the earth).
Your forever YOU is not subjected to natural laws unlike the temporary YOU that is subject to age and the natural forces of the world.
Don’t feed/invest in your temporary you/ more than your forever YOU
How well are you feeding your forever YOU, or exposing your forever YOU to the light?
You are God’s masterpiece! You are God’s work of art.
You are in a class of your own but when you discount yourself, there is nothing we can do about YOU
Psalm 139:14
Be mindful of your identity! You are not who the world says you are
Ephesians 2:10
When you sin, don’t delay before asking for forgiveness
You are the object of God’s love!
God changes lives and the gospel is real! You are the object of God’s love
The value on you is the value of the blood of Christ.
Revelation 1:5
A value is placed on tangible things but the value of the blood of Jesus is priceless.
You are sealed with the Holy Ghost and you are a symbol of God’s authority
Your prophet in this dispensation is the Word of God.
As long as you are not deceived, you cannot be defeated
Ephesians 1:13


1. You are a spirit! Move from the realm of being ruled by your flesh to the realm of the spirit Do not live or see from the outside (the flesh). It is that which is hidden that reveals the visible.
God’s power is not visible but the effect of his power is visible’. You are a spirit and God is the God of all spirits.
Numbers 16:22, Ephesians 3:16 We will be strengthened with his might by your inner man (the Holy Spirit).
When Christ says he wants to strengthen us, it will be done according to his ability i.e. according to his riches in glory.
Guard your spirit with all diligence! Live from your spirit! The richest part of your constitution is your Spirit.
2. You are called to RuleYou are called to exercise dominion and to exercise dominion, you must have a domain (a place of royalty)
Our sphere of influence is here on the earth and to carry out this authority, you need to use WORDS
It is important you maintain a relationship with God because to exercise dominion, you must work by faith 
Every building stands on something
Ephesians 3:16
If you are not standing on a specific word, your faith cannot be effective and if you stand on a word, hold on to it because God is faithful to fulfill.
 Though he tarries, he does not tarry!… 

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