TEXT: Mark 11:22-26

The next level and the miracle you want to see is a step of FAITH away from you!
When must you be convinced you have received what you desire? At the place of praying for it! That’s how faith works!
If you have issues with someone, understand your faith cannot work and your prayers can not be answered instead, release and forgive that person so God can have mercy on you and forgive you.
Until you forgive and release, then all God’s promises regarding you will be released.
Many times, we are the ones keeping ourselves in the position that we are in.
A faith revolution is a revolution that will bring a change in the way we think, speak and act.
A revolution is a dramatic or wild ranging change that affects everything in its constitution.
A revolution is a drastic change!
The aim of faith is to please God (Hebrews 11:6) not only that, but it is also to have our prayers answered. 
The aim of the faith revolution is for all of us to claim to be a master. 
To be a master, you need to understand the fundamentals, that is only when you can grow.
You qualify for the master because you have mastered the fundamentals.
Your story will change when you begin to understand the fundamentals of Faith.
We have the principles of Faith and the prayer of faith (Mark 11:22 – 24) and both will always work.
Nothing stops you from making declarations of faith everyday! 
You can use the prayer of faith and you can use the principle of faith. Faith is a force and the power behind every visIble thing we see today

The God kind of faith is the faith that says it and it happens Anything that is invisible can be translated to the realm of the visible by the power of faith 
Acts 14:8

So stop looking at yourself thinking you are ordinary because the greatest power i.e. the power of God is active in you. Faith is a positive response to all that Christ has done for us

Revelations 5:1
It is not of him that willeth nor of him that runneth but by the power of the faith that worketh in you.
Mercy is obtained on the altar of your Faith.
Faith is the force that translates potential to reality.
Before your desires become your reality, you must have connected with the potential by your faith before it becomes your reality.
John 9:35-38
Are you [positive in your response to what you see that pertains to you in the word of God?
Faith receives what Grace produces.
Whatever Grace makes Faith takes.
The manufacturer of everything is grace and the receiver of everything is Faith.

Mark 10:52
The part of your life that receives is your faith so ensure your faith is up and running so we can receive.
Your point of receiving is your point of manifestation (Luke 18.42)
When there is faith, you are bound to receive. 
Faith is always in your heart (your spirit) not in your head.
Don’t allow doubt to creep in and destroy your faith.
Doubt can creep in but do not let it affect your faith. Doubt can creep in when you are working by Faith.

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