When the revolution takes place, there is a shift!
Mark 11:22, Romans 12:3
God has given to us THE measure of faith so It is left to you to do the best you can with THE measure of faith given to us.
Luke 17:1-8
It is not about the measure of faith, it is about the length of use of your faith. For how long are you standing your ground in faith?
Keep your faith ACTIVE irrespective of the circumstances around you. Don’t deactivate it until it gets the job done!
Your victory is in your mouth! Do not stop declaring it.
As long as you become fully persuaded over a matter you cannot be completely at rest over it.
Faith is the substance of things not seen and the evidence of things hoped for.
The devil is real but he has a master because he is a created being.
A faith revolution requires a change in the way we act, think and speak.
The aim of faith is to please God.
The aim of faith is to have our prayers answered.
We are masters, therefore we need to understand the fundamentals of faith.
Faith is a force and your positive response to all Christ has done and to all the Lord has demanded of you. 
Faith takes what grace makes. Jesus is grace and He has given us salvation.
His promises will not be manifest of we fail to take them by faith.
Grace is a producer while faith is a Receiver.
Keep your faith working in the field, Be convinced.
A faith revolution requires a demand in the way we act, speak or think.
Faith always works but you must work it.
Faith demands work from you for it to be effective.
Matthew 9:27-30
The difference between where you are now and where you want to be is your faith.
Faith changes things, it will make you forget how things used to be.
Faith changes seasons.
Faith must be built, it develops over time and dictates where your life goes.
Faith is likened to a building, it develops over time. Matthew 11.28
A faith walk is, walk with Jesus.
Put your faith to work and keep it at work.
Faith is for a lifetime it isn’t something that shows up only for emergencies.
When you remember Faith when there are guilts, it becomes a fire brigade approach.
Rather than believing God for divine healing why not believe God for divine health?
Faith is not only needed during emergencies,  but it is also for a lifetime so we walk by it, stand by it and live by it.
Faith believes in order for it to be seen.
Faith doesn’t see in order to believe, instead, it believes in order to see.
Romans 1.16-17
Systems can rise and fall but only God will never fail.
Faith is the force that regulates life.
2 Corinthians 1.24
Romans 10.17
Matthew 5.25 
Anything can happen in church but if nothing goes in and stays in by faith, that experience will only be short-lived.
On the strength of your word you keep going. 
You must have the word of the Lord in every circumstance that will keep you going.
Mark 5:28
The woman with the issue of blood understood the fundamentals of faith. She didn’t just say but she took action.
If you say you have faith, it will show in your actions
What is your faith dictating to you to do?
Another thing the woman with the issue of blood did was, SHE FORGAVE
Mark 11:25
Sometimes we believe our demands are too much so we reduce it but remember nothing is too much for God to do.
Don’t pity God with your demands. ASK! And it shall be given unto you according to the desires of your heart.
Be bold with your faith! Don’t be embarrassed when you are believing God. 
When you are fully persuaded, you have your rest.
Release your faith and keep confessing the word given to you by God over any circumstance. 
He honors his word above his name. 

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