A steward is a person vested with the responsibility to serve.
A person who is responsible for the management of the estate of another. 
He is vested with the responsibility of looking after his property so he does not suffer any loss.
You can’t attract what you do not reflect.
If you are faithful as a steward, you will attract faithfulness in return.
Till today, God’s mind is still about stewardship.
Ordinarily, a steward is not an owner but in the new testament, we are stewards who carry the ownership mentality As a steward, what you were asked to manage, also belongs to you. 
Just as you grow into a man/woman, you have been made righteous.
As a steward, we are supposed to GROW! In faith, knowledge…
We are stewards of times and seasons. 
If you are not skillful in managing resources, you will be a bad steward. 
Job 12:9-10

In the New Testament, we are stewards with an ownership mentality because everything is still coming back to us. 
Whatever you have been asked to look after will still come back to you.  1 Corinthians 3:21-22
The first steward in the bible was Adam.
Man was put above everything God created and the first thing he gave Adam authority, the first seed and help meet.
Without authority, you are incapacitated as a steward.
No steward can work without authority.
Every husband is a steward of his wife.
Genesis 1:27-31, Genesis 2:15-23
Stewardship comes with responsibility.
Today’s generation does not want the pressure but only pleasure but pressure comes responsibility.
Adam was called to manage everything God created after which God gave him a woman to help him.
God will never put you on the playing field without equipping you.
Everything you need to fulfill all God has destined for you to do is already in you. 
The level of your yieldedness will help you discover all you are called to be.

God’s steward is;

  1. A farmer. Some people depend on your outputs for sustenance. 2 timothy 2:6
  2. A soldier. 2 Timothy 2:4. We have been called to fight the good fight of faith (we fight to believe). God’s steward is a soldier. 

We have been called to enforce the victory of Jesus over the devil not to fight the devil.
God has put a promise over your life in his word. You have to be intentional about what you believe regarding the word of God because the devil will always try to discourage you. 
When you are awake, the anointing never sleeps. The anointing always knows what to do but when you are afraid, you let fear in and faith can’t work with fear.

  1. A servant. 2 Corinthians 4:5
  2. A householder.  Salt is only useful on contact. We have been called to affect our environment positively. Matthew 20: 1-8. A householder is a steward. 

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