Luke 14:2-16
Essential things are things that should be in place for things to happen.
When God said all things are ready, he means it.
God is a God of seasons and he is saying this is a season of a great party and all things are ready.
You can not attach leanness with God, he deals with fatness. He never runs out or dry.
You can’t exhaust the room God has provided. He has provisions for you.
We have a continuous flow of daily blessings from God. 
Luke 12:19

God is in the business of elevating and expanding frontiers this month and beyond. 
Luke 14:16-18
Essentials – things that must be in place for some other things to happen.
Anything that makes you say NO to the Spirit of God is the spirit of the Antichrist.
As children of God, we are supposed to watch and pray but if we fail to do these, the spirit of error can take over. 
Excuses are major things that can come in between us and the things of God.
Stop these excuses! They are hindering you from your blessings.
Your soul is important to God and he expects you to drop whatever will take it from him.
If your business is pulling you away from God, sit down with him and ask him for help on how to combine both. 
Excuses prevent us from tapping into the blessings God has for us
God should not suffer for your pleasure. When pleasure comes between you and God, you won’t be qualified for the feast.
God wants us to turn a new leaf to enjoy a turnaround.
Acts 14:21

God does not exist in a vacuum. Space must be occupied.
God will keep giving you more and more as long as you keep making yourself available for the things of the kingdom.
If you have been walking with God for years, he expects you to grow. If you refuse to grow, he will look for a more willing vessel.  
The unusual visitation of God can come at any time. Do not miss it!
A visitation is awaiting you as you move in the direction of obedience.
As you go for the usual things of God, the unusual surfaces. 
Luke 15

The essentials are that you are:

  1. Reachable for the invitation
  2. Set for the invitation
  3. Dressed up for the invitation (the righteousness of Christ is our dressing and should be without spots or wrinkles) 

Matthew 22:1-4

If you have received the invitation but no manifestation of what the host has promised, your effort has not been a waste just keep pushing you are almost at the edge of your breakthrough.

Luke 15:25. Galatians 4:1, luke 15:30
Don’t confine yourself to poverty, be annoyed with the status-quo. No more kid mentality!
Hands up, refuse the status quo and receive your turnaround 

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