The hand of God cannot come upon an idle workshop. God does not bless idleness.
God will not violate his principles, that is why Peter still had to go to work in his area of specialty for God to bless him.
When there is no vision, the people perish. Something must drive you on
Something must motivate you to keep you going. Jesus endured the cross because of the joy set before him. 
Joseph was motivated by his dreams. Those who don’t dream can never be motivated
In progress there is motion
3. Mobilisation:
Progress is active. Things must be changing and the change must be active. 
Everything runs on power. You exercise the power of your will to move every day.
There cannot be progress without power. Motion requires power
No power, no progress!
Psalm 62:11
The devil has no power but only uses deception.
Once you are deceived, you are defeated.
For you not to be deceived, you must know the truth (the word of God)
If you want to experience the power of God, you need to live pure and live Holy.
No purity, no power!
Matthew 22:25, Mark 12:24
The elements of the power of God is

  1. The word of God. God’s word is his power
  2. Luke 1:35 The Spirit of God (The Holy Spirit).  the power of God and the Holy Spirit are synonymous.

A daily quiet time prepares you for the danger of the day. It is important you spend time with the word of God daily.
The more you take, the more you are conditioned to act and think like him.
The more you are familiar with the word of God, it will be easier for you to be familiar with his voice. 
Your Glory is the Glory of Jesus but if you don’t understand his person, you cannot know your identity in him.
Ecclesiastes 9:8 When your garment is white, your head will not lack ointment so keep your oil intact at all times.
Isaiah 52:11
Christ already made us righteous but to work in holiness is our responsibility. 
When the power of God is at work in us, dynamic progress is inevitable.
I Timothy 4:11-15
Our progress must be seen by all.
Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. The Progress will come automatically when we:
1.Speak right Proverbs 6:2. Watch your confessions. 

2. Live right way to live right dead. You must be dead to the flesh by the spirit of God within you. Luke 4:3. Your flesh is not an entity separate from you, your flesh is a part of you. We must learn how to silence the flesh!  Galatians 2:20.
3. Love like Christ You are supposed to love sacrificially just as Christ has loved us. Romans 8:34. The ministery of condemnation is not the ministry of Grace. Grace came to give way for condemnation.the sacrificial love of Christ kept him on the cross. 
4. Live by faith The only way to access grace is by Faith. Ephesians 2:8.grace will save us as long as faith is active. Romans 4:16. Faith unlocks the door to grace! Everything grace has made available can be accessed by faith. Faith must have a foundation and that foundation must be in the word of God
5. Live Holy wherever God finds holiness, God dwells there. If you want dynamic progress, keep feeding on the word of God. Keep living on the word of God.

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