Matthew 28:20
IMPACT: What it is not. What it is.

What it is not:
Church is where you catch the fire but it is not where you burn the light.
Your light is to shine before men
Impact is not just about showcasing your talents in church. God’s desire is about you being the light
The plan of God for you is to have an impact. Impact is not just existence and activity
Luke 13:8-9
God doesn’t waste resources. He wants you to make ake impact wherever you find yourself
Impact is not small 
Sometimes as christians we test our faith on little grounds
Impact is not small when you look at God’s plan.
IMPACT is a marked effect or influence.
To influence is the ability to have control or a marked influence over the character of a person
Our mandate as a church is the great commission
Genesis 1:26-28
Man had a mandate to subdue the earth and use its resources to the service of God
The mandate of God is that we utilize all our resources.
There are things eyes have not seen and ears have not heard but so God expects you to utilize your resources
The world is waiting for you to STEP OUT! Utilize all God has given to you
Don’t refuse to step out and take the challenge today. In every sphere of life, there is something to do  
In every sphere of life, there are vast resources God is waiting on you to utilize 
Impact is about moving from being fishermen to being fishers of men
When you catch fish it is about you but when you catch men, it is about God
God does not want us to be overcareful he wants us to take chances
You want to make impact, you need to go the extra mile
Romans 12:2

God does to expect when you give your life to christ to be like the world
Isaiah 49:5-
This is what God wants you to do, to impact your generation and everyone connected to you one way or the other

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