What do you see?


IMPACT is a forceful effect which is positive

Satan who is the god of this world;the world will not give you the right of way until you forcefully take what belongs to you
We are children of God who have been set out to establish his kingdom and covenant here
Mark 3:27
You can only go as far as you see
You should be able to identify yourself through the scriptures
Your impact is only as far as you can see
Genesis 1:26

You need the People Power to make Impact
You need the Spiritual Power to make Impact
You need the Political Power to make Impact
You need the  Power of prosperity to make Impact
We need to encourage ourselves to make impact
The things you see will determine how far you can impact the lives of people
Genesis 13:14-
Inheritance is by sight! You must see well because your seed is going to rely on what you receive and inherit
God gave Abraham all the lands he could SEE
You must first of all see before you can take
As far as you can see is the impact you can make! Begin to see far!
Genesis 15:2-5
When you are ready, God is ready to use you. 
You can’t remain in a limited environment. It is how far you can see
There are some dreams God has given to you, please don’t let it go because of the persecution
God will never put pictures in your heart that he will not fulfil
The pictures God gives to you will come to pass
Promotion is by sight
If you don’t see yourself up, the enemy will put you down
Jeremiah 1:11-12
In ministry, you can’t do much without seeing well
You must begin to see fruitfulness about your life!
Everybody has great potential. See fruitfulness in everybody
Don’t look down on people
Some of us are blocking God because we can’t see well
If you don’t see far, you cannot make much impact
Begin to stamp what you see by saying it!
As you confess positive things, don’t doubt it
Do not procrastinate anything God tells you to do
Whatever you see, start on time!
Don’t be distracted by the things around you, focus on the things you see and stamp it by saying it
As a child of God, begin to study your bible really hard
Inside the bible is your future, there is no future for a child of God outside your bible
Speed up your process by praying in tongues
Speed it up by tithing
Speed it up by loving people. Enough of bitterness!
You must love because God is love and faith is love
Speed it up  by asking what you say. Whatever you see, speak it
The more you give, the more you have 
Don’t give up in the midst of any challenge, it will come and go
When we keep disobeying God, we can not see f

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