Judges 15:1-6
We must not use results as a yardstick for progress especially when our personal life isn’t right.
We are expected to do something eternal (impactful) to affect our generation. 
If we catch fire and go out into the world, our generation will know we lived.
1. A firebrand Christian is addicted If we are to make impact as individuals we are expected to not be able to do anything without the Holy Spirit.

James 1:17. We should be totally dependent on the Holy Spirit.
Romans 3:1, Romans 9:1-5
The big deal about the old Testament believers is that God’s Word was communicated to them but the big deal about being the new testament believers is that the Holy Spirit lives in them. 
If we hear God, we will make impact!
It is through God’s spirit that things happen so we should not depend on eloquence, wealth…but only depend on the Holy Spirit. 
Acts 4:20
God is more than your revelation. If you rely on him, you will do things you couldn’t do, say things you couldn’t say and even go places you never thought.
Ephesians 3:10, 2 Corinthians 2:12-14
Wherever we find ourselves, we can make impact but we must be addicted to the Holy Spirit 
You are who you are by the grace of God 
As long as you remain with God, you sea never dries 
When God is in something, it can happen bigger and better

Whatever talent you have, when you submit it to God, you’ll do so much more beyond your own imaginations 
Become Addicted to the Holy Spirit and do things that will increase your hunger for God
2. A firebrand Christain is accountable

God’s anointing (on man) is for His purpose
Be personally accountable to find God’s purpose for your life and walk with it
Your place of honor is your place of calling. Find your place! 
An understanding of purpose is a cure for envy
Whatever you are doing as an individual, go and submit it to other people 
Everyone has their own space
Results are not necessarily a sign that that is your area of calling 
Ezekiel 3:5-7 
You have to discover God’s plan for your life. You have to be personally accountable for your life
Numbers 34:16-17
What is burning in you? Where your heart is always, that is where your treasure will be 
We are only here to refill but we are expected to gon on with our lives and make things happen
3.  A Firebrand Christian is Ambitious 

Dare to do something so big that it will definitely fail if Go is not in it
An ambitious person is driven but It is better to wait for God
2 Chronicles 2:1, Proverbs 27:7
The love of Christ should compel us to go the extra mile for Christ
By the Holy Ghost, we can outdo ourselves 
When you are driven, you won’t have to wait for perfect conditions to embark on tasks assigned to you
4. A firebrand Christian is Adamant

An adamant person is ready to embark on an assignment no matter what 
Live as though Jesus died yesterday, he rose today and he is coming tomorrow
When you are faithful in secret, God will reward you in the open
You don’t start with international, you start where you are

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