Matthew 12:29
You must be stronger than the strong man, bind the strong man and tame the strong man so reproaches will be blown away
The strong man is Mr Flesh!
We are expected to live a life of impact but sometimes there are hindrances (Mr Flesh) who is against anything that is of God
The flesh is the force in us that wants to fulfil the desires of the devil
Don’t give the flesh a foothold and when that foothold is not there, the devil will have no control over you
The flesh is always on the side of the devil 
Galasians 5: 16-21
Romans 8:5-9
The devil is on rampage and he is using the flesh
Submission to the flesh sets you as an enemy towards God
In the flesh, it is not possible to please God
The flesh is with us but can be tamed
The flesh has no respect for the anointing 
The flesh is a destroyer
Circumcision is not of the flesh but of the heart through the spirit
1 Samuel 13:4-12
Don’t allow the flesh to force you, the flesh will cause you to displease God
Bare your cross and follow after Christ and when trials come, present the cross
God is on your side! Just keep he cross and stay circumsized
When you begin to rationalise you allow the flesh to give you alternatives
The flesh will force but you should not succumb
1 Samuel 15:12, 17
God is set to do the unimaginable 
We are to mortify the flesh (kill the flesh) Colossians 3:5, Romans 13:14, Hebrews 4:15
Look at the area of unforgiveness, wrath, malice, wrong association, refusal to grow, disobedience to authority and your appetite for the ungodly
The person and character of the Holy Spirit keeps the flesh under 
So leverage on the power of the Holy Spirit to keep the flesh under
Where the pendulum of the Holy Spirit is depends on you
The Holy Spirit can only work based on the room you give to Him
Romans 12:1
Thing to do to kill the flesh
Be disciplined. Live dead (kill the flesh)
Be busy for God
Be led by the Holy Spirit
When you are busy with the things of the spirit, you keep the flesh under control
Even Jesus faced constant trials but he never fell so you can also walk in the Spirit
When you do these, you will be possible to put the devil under control
Subject the strong man (the flesh) to the obedience of the cross 
The place of your appointment is the place of your assignment

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