Materiality does not answer the quest for relevance
The life of a man does not consist in the abundance of resources
A platform is an opportunity or a place where you are allowed to express what you carry
Having ability and an innate skill is one thing but it does not constitute a platform outside opportunities
God has a global scale for you. He wants you to engage all you have and that’s what platforms do

1sam 20
Your ability and your skills will connect you to opportunities that will give you a platform
Your skill must find an opportunity for you to have a platform where you can showcase what you can
Nehemiah 8:4
A platform makes you heard, a platform makes you seen, a platform makes you known 
If you don’t have a platform, you can not make an impact
Joseph did not  miss his opportunity, he used the platform
Until you get to your platform, your impact can not be felt by anyone
Until you find your platform, you cannot affect your world, maximize your potentials and make impact
It is not every word that is a voice but every platform speaks. It is not every voice that is a word but every platform speaks.

Every platform engages.
Matthew 21:9-11
Jesus located His platform and the whole city was moved. 
Every man has an index he carries for him to recognize his moment
Something within you resonates and connects, for you to recognize your season. Be sensitive!
Platforms influence
Acts 17:1-6
As a Christian, you must be informed 
Platforms solve problems
Whatever  business you do must solve a problem, if you are not solving a problem, you are causing a problem 
2 Samuel 20: 14-22
Engage your platform, platforms must solve problems
Things that precede a platform
Prayer precedes a platform – prepare yourself at the place of prayer, and you will lay hold of your platforms.
God speaks to us beyond what we are hearing

Preparation also precedes platform
The time spent in preparation is not lost time 
Luke 2: 32
Perception or sensitivity to the Holy Spirit
There is something God puts in you that makes you sensitive to your time
Never override the inner voice, when it prompts you obey
David found is platform as a musician and a fighter because his opportunity and his skilled married. Same as Esther and Jephter 
The ultimate platform for Jesus was the cross

Find your platform, locate your platform and stay there 
Your platform is your place and when you are in your place you will not struggle
Your platform is your sweet spot
Your platform is your assignment, and you have grace for it.
There is a place in you that is your sweet spot, that is the place where the best in you comes forth.
Things you’ll have in order to locate platform:
1. A strong desire
2. Revelation
3. The sovereign hand of God
The sovereign hand of God can bring you a platform
Platforms grow
Your greatness is tied to your platform and until you find your platform, you can’t be all God wants you to be 

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