A friend is someone you enjoy being with, someone who you have affection for and will not do you harm.
Someone whom you can cry together, someone whom you can laugh together
A friend will always have your back at all times.

Friendship is not always rosy…
A true friend will always have your back even when things are tough
1 Samuel 18:1-5
One foundational ingredient of friendship is true love!
When there is no true love, there can’t be true friendship
A true friend knows your past, your struggles and your pains and loves you in spite of all of everything
Friendship overlooks all our imperfections 
A true friend always wants the best for you and keeps no secrets from you 
You must not envy your friend 
Envy opens the door to the devil
There’s a limit to human friendship
You don’t need a friend that will bring division 
2 Samuel 16 & 17
It takes wisdom to know that you need wisdom.
A true friend will watch your back and give you information about things that will benefit you.
The Lord does not only sympathize with us, But He also empathizes with us
Hebrews 4:15
Jesus is a True Friend!
The Holy Spirit is your true friend
Your greatest partner and trainer is the Holy Spirit 
Things we need with the Holy Spirit:
1.Attraction: we should be continually attracted to the Holy Spirit 
Always want to do what will please him because in that lies what will please him
2. Affection: a strong feeling.
 God loved us first so we are capable of loving him too. Express your love for the Lord and your friend.
We are to grow in our love for the Lord
3. Addiction: When you are addicted to something you are hooked to it.
When a man is addicted, he knows what he wants and he will not want it to be far from him. Let us be addicted to Christ 
The more you feed the more you grow. 

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