Genesis 18: 8-14
Before Sarah spoke, God already heard her thoughts.
Nothing is hidden from the eyes of God
To understand God sees, knows and understands every intent of your heart so do not let the devil deceive you
His weapon is deceit but if he can’t deceive you can not be defeated 
In Genesis 18:14 the phrase “I will certainly return” contains the nature of God. he is a promise keeper and can not fail. He is true to his word
When God promised Sarah he would certainly return, he was telling her he had not forgotten her. God has not forgotten you or what he has said to you. 
God works based on his principles so you need to be receptive to be a partaker of his blessings
He works with his times and seasons but we must be ready with our Faith at all times 
When the father gives a promise, performance follows but when a man promises he may be able to fulfill his promise or he would fail
Every promise is about the future. Man can’t be 100% sure about fulfilling his promises because he is deficient as far as the future is concerned.

Man does not know what lies ahead except it is revealed to us. That is why it is said, “The just shall live by faith”. 
God does not only know the future, but God Is also the future
We must be prepared ahead of opportunities 
The circumstances surrounded by the time of the promise

  1. Every situation around you is subject to change. 

When the promise of God comes, it is a reminder that every condition is subject to change just like the case of Sarah when she did not believe she could conceive
 Luke 5:6-8
Never label anything negative about you as permanent.
God does not regard your present condition to make his promise 
He gives his promises regardless of your present condition 
Judges 6:11-14
It is consistent with God’s nature to call the things that be not as though they are 
Romans 4:16-17
The key that unlocks the key to grace is by faith
By Faith, we access the promises given to us by GRACE
God operates by Faith (Mark 11:23)
You are to silence your doubts by your Faith
If you are weak in faith, you’ll consider physical factors around you
The reality of the fulfillment of the promise in your life is a function of your faith, how strong your faith is
If you are weak in faith, you will begin to rationalize the physical things
Do not toy with the prophetic word. When the prophetic word comes out do not rationalize it. If you rationalize it, you are weak in Faith 
Take the word of God ALL IN because it is eternal, it cannot be exhaustible 
If you don’t have skill in the word, you will be tossed around by every tribulation.
What keeps you insulated is the glory of God around you, the presence of the Holy Spirit you carry. The presence of the Shekinah Glory keeps you insulated
Unbelief makes you stagger and stumble
Unbelief makes you fall when you know you are in faith at a point in time you become fully persuaded
To be fully persuaded about something means to be completely at rest about that thing ( Romans 4:21)
Faith does not give up
Everything about God is based on his promises
2 Peter 1:3 
Things to consider when a promise is given
1.The character of the one making the promise. It is the sum total of the person is your character. 

Psalm 89:34 (NLT). The value of any promise is dependent of the character of the one making the promise 
God will not take back a single word of his promises.
Titus 1:2

2.The ability of the one who promised.

God has the ability, capability and wisdom to fulfill his promise
Ephesians 3:20
Think right and think pure because HE is in your thoughts
Realize the nature and the capability of the power of the Holy Spirit that is at work in you  

3.The track record of the one that promised: God has a track record

He is consistent with what he says he will do. God can marshal resources from one person/area to another because of the purpose he has to fulfill
God works with our readiness.. Can He commit His resources into your hands?
Genesis 28:13-15
God will always do that which he says he will do
He will never break his covenant or take back whatever he says to you

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