Exodus 14:15
It means to  move forward, to go forward, to escalate at progress to a higher notch
Faith always leads you to a place you do not know and what faith demands of you is to trust all the way 
Faith always leads you to uncharted territory
Something produces faith and that is the word 
Anytime God tells you to advance, it’s because there are visible oppositions around.
God has configured us to confront our challenges head front but you can not do that without the word
Progress or advancement can be positive and when it is positive it is productive but when it is negative, it is defective and unproductive.
Time is advancing and we live in time.
If you are not careful and you refuse to advance, you will make a negative motion.
Genesis 26:12-14
Every time God places a demand on you, it is when it looks impossible. When you obey at this point, it is an indication that you are working in faith.
If you are in Christ, the power of the covenant is active over you

You are not designed to remain on the same level except you choose to ignore the Master’s design 
It is consistent with the Creator’s design that we advance
2 Corinthians 3:18
We are to move from one point of glory to another. 
There is the force of the blessing working on your behalf even when you are not aware of it
When the adversary is busy doing his thing, the Blessing is actively working on our behalf. The Blessing does not sleep.
2 Peter 3:18
You are to grow and increase in the grace and  intimacy of our Lord Jesus Christ
We are expected to grow in love (the unconditional affection towards one another)
1 Thessalonians 3:12 (TPT)
We are expected to develop the love nature in our hearts until it becomes an overflowing love nature
Inside love is forgiveness and inside every one of us is love
If love is not complete, faith can not work
You have to love regardless not like but LOVE
The Lord expects us to advance in Faith. Have the God kind of Faith
What you have been seeing about your life is a factor of how you have been using your faith
The faith you require to have victory and dominion has already been given to you before you started the race
If there is  no faith in you, you are not using your faith 
Faith does not exist on NOTHING, faith is a house that stands on a FOUNDATION. The foundation of Faith is the word of God
2 Thessalonians 1:3
Your faith must grow exceedingly
Faith counts in everything, faith is needed in everything.
If you do not apply your faith, you are not exercising your faith, if you are not exercising your Faith you can not enjoy total dominion 
Our Faith must grow marvelously beyond measure and you must feed your faith by the word of God 
Your ability to overcome challenges is a direct reflection of the wisdom you can exhibit
Luke 2:52
As we grow, our wisdom and maturity should grow
If God is pleased with you men will favor you
Principalities work through personalities.
Let nothing serve as a limit to you


 Without discipline, you can’t go far. 
You need to be disciplined during the process of training to advance.
 Discipline must follow a consistent order and pattern by the day.
No discipline, no advancement! 1 Corinthians 9:26
When you are disciplined, you have a purpose!
Life is the real tenament, you can not shadow box. 
When there is discipline  there is renewed conditioning for the task ahead

  • Partnership with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the master strategist.

To come out of any condition you’re in you need the Holy Spirit. 
Partner with the Holy Spirit, he always knows what to do
John 2:1-4

At the place of partnership with the Holy Spirit, instructions flow
When you get instructions and carry it out, you’ll see results. Always leverage on the 

Holy Spirit

  • Constantly Engage the Holy Spirit

The Holy Ghost can show you things to come and also influence your preparation 
The Holy Spirit can make you better at what you do when you constantly engage him in all that you do
Joshua 23:1-4
In life, there is always the unconquered territory
Your next level is your unconquered territory, but if you do not engage the Holy Spirit, you will not know where to go.

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