Genesis 3:9
You need God’s word before you embark on any assignment. 
Without the leading of God you might not succeed in that venture.
1 Kings 22:7, Revelations 4:11
The planet earth was created for His pleasure and with His pleasure
This planet is the planet God sent his son to die, so this is obvious that God loves this planet.
Jesus is in charge of the earth in the midst of the storm around us
2 Chronicles 20:6
Psalm 103:19
The word has been sent so faith can arise. Let us take comfort in the word of God and let your faith arise 
Daniel 5:20-21
Jehovah rules over the kingdom of the earth and he is still reigning
God has the best in mind for you. You have been promised to preserve us but to be a partaker of this blessing, you need to be in the kingdom (i.e. surrendered your life to Christ)
Psalm 115:16
The earth today is under the control of man but God is in charge
When the natural laws are broken, disaster can set in 
Romans 8:20
There might be travails right now but glory lies ahead
Romans 5:14

Death began to reign because of the fall of Adam
Man can be separated from God in death. That is why it is important we are in Christ
John 14:30
The ruler of the world was meant to be Adam but the fall of man-made Satan the ruler of the world but Hallelujah! Christ came to restore dominion
If man will not take place of his dominion, there is no way we can take charge over prevailing circumstances
Through the sacrifice of Christ, we have been put in charge so since we are in charge, we should exercise our dominion 
The church is to exercise its dominion over the unforeseen forces on this earth. We are the church
Our responsibilities as children of God

Genesis 1:28

  1. Staying alive to our commission.

Our commission is to be fruitful and multiply and have dominion over the entire earth
Luke 10:28

Our spirits have been strengthened by his Spirit to exercise dominion 

2. Refuse to fear. Fear tolerated is faith contaminated.

When your faith is contaminated, it cannot be effective and the only way we can work in dominion is by our faith
Refuse to fear!
Step out boldly because you do not walk alone 
Psalm 118:7
Put your faith in the Lord, stand your ground and the devil will flee
Do not walk in fear but in faith

3. Leverage on the covenant of grace.

When grace is working man does not need to work because grace does what you can not ordinarily do anything on your own
Mercy and love are at work when grace is active
The covenant of grace distinguishes who the children of the Lord are 
Exodus 8:22-23
Exodus 9:26
You can enjoy the covenant of grace when it is effective
Dont be afraid! Put your trust in him
He will

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