Matthew 7:24-27
The winds will blow and the storms will come to test the strength of the house
When the force is applied, is your house going to stand?
To be established is to be grounded, rooted and stabled
When you are established you are put on a firm footing and foundation
Your roots deep down and strong so you can stand the test of time
Your spirit and heart is to be rooted and established
Your spirit is the real you
The spirit of man is to influence the purposes of man
Battles are fought and victory is won in the heart
To build upon the rock means to be established, you are expected to be rooted and established in the word 
In everything you do, a solid foundation matters
Do not just do things anyhow, make sure you have a solid foundation that will carry the weight of any storm
The storms which are the winds of life are sure to come  but we should take comfort in the word of God, that says in this world you shall have tribulations but be of good cheer because he has already overcome
It is his design and desire that we stand the storms and pressures of life
You have been equipped to stand the storms of life but we have to be established and rooted in Christ 
Ephesians 6:13 
If you must stand, your whole amour must be in place 

It takes the armor of God and the heart that is established to be able to stand in the evil day

  1. It has a fixed trust in the Lord (unshaken and unwavering trust in the Lord)

Psalm 57:7, Psalm 108:1, psalm 112:7
When your heart is fixed on the Lord, there is no room for fear

2 Kings 4:27-30

2. Accepts the word of God always as the final authority

Luke 1:34-38, John 1:33-37
Mary and John the Baptist did not doubt or question the word of God when it came to them, instead the accepted it as the final authority
When you accept the word of God a final authority, your heart will not be tossed around but deeply rooted in trust in God
John 2:5
Locate God’s word over anything you are going through today and accept it as the final authority, then you will see the glory of God

3. What you know!

What you know about the Lord will determine how established you are in Him!
What you know matters. Do you know who you are or where you come from?
You are born of Christ! You are an heir! 
We live in a physical body but we are dead to the flesh 
Colossians 3:3, Romans 6:2
We became one with him through the death of Christ
The life we walk in now is the life of Jesus
You are light (not illumination but God’s energy)
You are not darkness but light in the Lord
Ephesians 5:8
The world represents darkness (activities of Hell and the devil) you are expected to be the light of the world
You are a peculiar people and a Holy nation. We have been called out of darkness into his marvelous light
We are eternal excellence!

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