Consumption to Production

May 19, 2019

Consumption to Production

-Pastor Tolu’ Okusanya

Consumption means to eat up, take up or use up. Production is the process of making or producing something so that others can use it.

Therefore without a producer, there cannot be anything for the consumers to use.

One, in essence, is apparently more influential and more important than the other.

Locate yourself in life today are you a consumer or a producer.

The Nigerian nation is very much endowed naturally but we generally lack value creators or “value adders”, we are more of a consumer nation

This is one of the reason why we are where we are today. For the Value, a consumer will always be poorer than the value creator.

A producer focuses on more while the Consumer‘s focus is on very little, he is mainly concerned about the small portion he needs. The larger picture is not of concern to him.

But when you subject little to PROCESS it becomes much   – Be a Producer go through the PROCESS.

What are you seeing? In your business and engagements

Jesus in the Bible Portion read earlier was teaching us about perception.  See where God sees; let your perception key into God’s Perception.

Work on your Faith and you can achieve much more

1Kings 17:   1- 12……… the Ravens were bringing provisions for Elijah during a rought……

The Drying up of your Brook is not the end of life, there is a greater one in the inside of you and he can do much more.

God will use things that don’t look like it to bless you, so do not despise the little or lesser things of life. God oftentimes use such as this to perfect his purpose in our lives.

Connect to God’s plan to make you a producer and not a consumer by faith.

Do not be surprised at what God does for you, if you have faith in the first place you won’t be surprised but be excited and grateful and give thanks.

Begin to be more enterprising with your faith, grow your faith with the word of God

The poor widow became an Oil merchant from a beggarly woman who had given up on life just by obeying the word of God.

God wants us to become producers from the point of being a consumer.

A consumer always looks out for himself and thinks less of others while a Producers has a market in mind meeting the needs of others.

Be a person of value as a child of God, impact others as a producer Mathew( 13Verse14), add value reach out unto others, be productive.

As a Christian Move from  Infancy to Adulthood, be Child-like and not Childish. Hebrews 5.vse 12.

Let us be Christians of value, let us grow spiritually and get a balance between our businesses and the things of God. You don’t have to neglect your business but consciously make room for God in your life.

A family alter does not take the place of quiet time in our prayer life. The quiet time is your place of intimacy with God. Grow spiritually.

PROV.1 Verse 16…….. our progression must be from faith to faith,  from consumer to Producer live by faith for the just shall live by faith.

DEUT 2 Verse 30…….. leverage on your God-given opportunity


  1. BUILD CAPACITY. …for storage, for speed, for processing, for growth 1Tim 4 vs 7, Heb 5 vs 12
  2. LEVERAGE ON SYNERGY… set aside the natural and take advantage of the holy spirit’s capacity

With the holy spirit, you can do so much more. Ecless.4 vs 1, Mathew18 vs 19

  1. DEPLOY WISDOM…. Ecless 10Vs 10…… with minimal effort much more could be achieved, use your head more brainless work. Christ is the wisdom of God let him speak to you and you will go far.


And ye became followers of us, and of the Lord, having received the word in much affliction, with the joy of the Holy Ghost:

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