Divine Network

June 25, 2019

Divine Network

-Pastor Bimbo Oloye

A network describes people of like minds and union. 

People coming together, networking has a purpose in life.

In ICT, we have the networking of computers.

Networking is about advancement.

What is a mystery?- Something that is difficult to understand.

Godliness is a mystery- 1Timothy 3:16

2 Corinthians 4:6

Godliness is about God-manifesting.

The connecting link between you and the Trinity is Godliness.

Divine network is the network between the believer and the Trinity.

Angels are part of that equation but the believer is the real deal in the equation.

The divine network is mysterious.

John 3.8

John 1:4

As a believer, you are mysterious.

Proverbs 30:19   The 4 mysterious things:

  1. TheEagle
  2. The Serpent
  3. The Ship
  4. The Mystery of Man with a maid

The Trinity is in love with you. 

Your base is Godliness.

There is a need to understand the operation of that network.

You are a complete package of the Trinity and all you need to do is to appropriate the package.

Appropriate the package.

A network can’t work without negotiation, and a place of negotiation is important.

In your place of devotion, you worship and receive the rhema

When you leave the place of devotion, you move to the place of obedience where you act on what you have received at the place of devotion.

At the place of service, you display the power of the network.

In the network of God, you are a dangerous arsenal. 

There are certain things you don’t go to God to pray about, you make declarations about them.

You are receiving positioned to ENFORCE because you are in divine network.

1 Timothy 3:16

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