July 6, 2019


– Pastor Tolu’ Okusanya 

There is so much wisdom in the “folly” of God

What Jesus of the bible did, is what He still does today

Jesus has complete and total authority over principalities and powers!

If you are afraid of the devil, you really don’t know Jesus.

If the authority is in you, no force of darkness can come against you but you need to KNOW Jesus

Jesus is not a master key, He is THE master key! That is why his name commands attention in heaven, on earth and over every force of darkness

Ensure you are walking in love because love is what powers your faith

Luke 7

The feet of Jesus is a place of Repentance

The first evidence of your salvation is the peace of God that surpasses all understanding

You might be in the middle of the storm but remember you CANT  sink because Jesus is in your boat

The master changer is the GAME CHANGER

Life is like a game and we have a coach that gives us instructions on how to .love life. If it important that we choose to follow the instructions(Holy Spirit) he gives

When the game changer is at work, a debtor becomes a creditor!

2 Kings 6

Your eyes are inside, not outside. What you have outside is the window in which you see.

When the game changer is at work, everything works together for your good

Begin to personalize everything you know about Jesus from today to be a beneficiary of his blessings

Jesus is our everything!


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