LIFE DYNAMICS – Pastor Tolu’ Okusanya

August 5, 2018

LIFE DYNAMICS – Pastor Tolu’ Okusanya

We are in constant motion either positive or negative

In life there are things to start, there are things to stop and there are things to continue

Identify. God has a life assignment for every individual.

Life presents us an opportunity to pursue purpose

Life PRESENTs Opportunities to pursue projects/Life’s Assignments and these often are all about.

Places; find your Place

Purpose/Projects and discover your Purpose and pursue it

People; Locate the People/Sector of society you are to impact and deliver

Find your purpose/Vision in Life and pursue it

2Tim Chapter 4……. Be Fulfilled.

Divine purpose is centered around three areas

·         People

·         Places and

·         Project

Faith is that force that helps us to break barriers

Whatever you make happen for God, God will make happen for you.

The only One who does not change is the One who does not live in time, as long as you live in time change is inevitable.

Don’t just be a receiver, be a transmitter also; Moses receives from God Information and delivers to God’s People Israel. 

Get your message, grow your relationship with God, Then you can Impact your reception to the People you are sent to.

What you know, what you believe, what you hold on to is what will benefit you.

Moses was not just a transmitter of God’s Word; he was a keeper and doer of that which he preached.

Change is a reality, always be prepared for Change

Change Places a responsibility on us

You may react to change or make change to happen

You can also adapt change, using the power of foresight.

There is that intuitive power in man “the Holy Spirit” that gives the power to effectively adapt change to our benefit.

When we fail to change, we embrace failure and sustain losses    …..LUKE 13:7

Whatever is not producing result in our lives should be re-examined so that we don’t keep wasting resources. Say No to waste!

In our businesses, in our homes and careers let us re-examine ourselves and do away with unfruitful overload.


2 Kings Chap. 6 Verse 1……..

Whenever you notice you have overgrown a particular position CHANGE! Move on.

Look for new territories to conquer, improve, change, go forward.

Anytime you outgrow Capacity. Pull Down and Rebuild

2Cor 10 verse 3…..

Spirituality/Christianity is warfare

The Spirit against the flesh & the Flesh against the Spirit

The one you feed more is more likely to overcome the other. Work more on the nourishment of you spirit man… Strengthen and empower your spirit.

For failing to use word ADAM paid dearly while JESUS used words effectively and triumphed

Eccles. 3 vers 8

There is a time for everything in life.

It is time for change for the better, a time to pull down/out some unwanted things/strongholds in our lives.

A time to challenge our way of serving God and doing things

The time is here for us to re-examine our lives and the way we do things of God.  the way we pray , the way we evangelize, the way we do Church.

Ask Yourself

What are the things that need re-examination in my life?

What am I to do with the passion of my life that has lost its zeal?

To be continued.

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