LIVING IN THE OVERFLOW – Pastor Tolu’ Okusanya

October 28, 2018

LIVING IN THE OVERFLOW – Pastor Tolu’ Okusanya

EZEKIEL 47 …………The flow of the River of the living water
The Flow of the Spirit of God (Like the example of the water flow in this text) brings life into every deadness it flows through or touches.

If you need a replacement of any unsavory or deadness in the situation of life. The flow of the river of life (CHRIST) is available to bring that change today. (if you believe).
REVELATIONS 22 Verse 1……..The river of the water of life.
The solution to the curse is the flow of the water of life and the more the water flows in you the more every negative issues of life is done away with. As no evil can co-habit with the spirit of God.

The Supply of the spirit of God Overflows….Tap into it! And overflow

For here to be a flow here must be a source and there must be a river or there would be no flow talkless of an overflow. The source is God. Make him our Foundation. Let Chris himself be the foundation of your life- your home, your business, your life long pursuit. Make him your source and let the Holy spirit flow in you .

Christ is-The anointed one and the anointing.
1.The Flow is the Flow of the spirit of GOD. “Go with the Flow”

2.The Flow of the River is Supernatural

3.The Flow is towards the East

Matthew 2Verse 2
Malachi 4 Verse 2
The Flow from the temple in Ezekiel’s vision was towards the east in the direction of Jesus- The sun of righteousness.
Your life must flow in the direction of Christ Jesus if the spirit of life is in you..that connection must be sustained and thus shall your life prosper as exemplified by the trees and the fruitfulness that was visible along the path of the flow of of the living water in Ezekiel’s vision.
In the Flow you have favour, you have the blessing and the power of God that destroys all the power of he devil.Allow the river of life to flow freely in you to enjoy the overflow

Sin stops the flow of the spirit of God in your life, watch it! Do not cheapen our life for the onslaught of the devil. Stay with and in the flow

1. You must remain Rooted in Christ- Ephesian 3:14

2. Practice the Presence of Christ Habitually( always be conscious of his presence in you. Be cautious of your actions )

3. Be Conscious of the River in you.- Ephesians 3:20
Yield unto the power of God within you and let it overflow and positively
effect everything around you.

If you are a child of God He is at work in you.
Faith is the trigger that release the power of God in you and Fear is the force that prevents you from pulling the trigger.

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