MAKING A DIFFERENCE – Pastor Bolanle Okusanya

July 1, 2018

MAKING A DIFFERENCE – Pastor Bolanle Okusanya

When you serve God there is no way you can lack.

Serving God is for your own benefit

Matthew 28:19.

          Power has been given unto us to overcome all things, all powers and principalities

          He empowered us to make a difference in the World. “GO! And make a difference.

“You can make a difference without being a difference”

You cannot make a difference unless you are different from the world yourself.

God has given us the mandate to make a difference wherever we are in our area of influence.

Be a better Child of God… Make a difference. Let people see you and see a child of God.

Regardless of who you are, where you live and how much you have failed, you can make a difference. 

Why should we make a difference?

  • God asked us to make a difference
  • Our fulfillment in life depends on it
  • God expects us to make a difference

God commissioned us to make a difference in the world when he gave the charge GO YE!

David, Rahab and a whole lot of others does not really qualify in the physical, but they all made difference in life. Making a difference should be our heart’s desire. It should be something we desire.

You don’t have to be qualified to make a difference. When I told Pastor Bridget I have a dream to go and help in the daycare school, she called and told Pastor Kolade and I could hear Him scream because it turned out that it had been a prayer point of the pastors concerning the School. God’s way is not our ways. Pastor Bridget said I cannot do it part time because I am an answer to a prayer and I had to come in full time. I did not study Education but God called and I obeyed.

Obedience is so – so important, don’t wait until you have enough, move at God’s impulse, Make a difference in any situation as you are enabled by God.

Depend on the Holy Ghost to make a difference

There is a place for you in life that God is taking you to and our qualification does not count because God’s plan will be executed to the letter.

Back up the mandate God gave you with action and he will pick it up from there

“What you require to make a difference, the Lord has given unto you.”

When you give a Child God’s word you are sowing goodness into his/her future and that can make a whole lot of difference in their future.

Child of God all that you need in life to make a difference God has given you

Be a different Business woman; Be a different Pastor, make impact the way of the Lord.

Christ came to set us free; whom Christ has set free is free indeed

In making a difference you must be bold…very bold to take decisions and must not compromise our faith.  Moses/ Daniel and others in the Bible refused to compromise and so were able to make so much impact.

God has been so faithful.  

The Holy Ghost in you is to enable you make a difference. It is not only for casing out demons

He Holy Ghost is an enabler……. Paul said…”  I can do all things Through Christ that strengthens me”

You can do all things, you can make impact, and you can make a difference. GO! And DO IT!

Seek Knowledge from the word of God. Sit and Read his word if you want to make a difference, you must know God. Study more of his word and you will see how to go through with what he had called you to do. Back it up with the word of God.  Do not play with your Prayer altar/ your quiet time.

Criticize yourself…. Am I making Impact? Am I doing what God expects of me?

  1. Focus more on God.
  • Let people know you for the truth and be committed to things of God
  • Fellowship more with the Holy Spirit if you want to go far with God.
  • The Spirit of Grace is our friend and helper.
  1. Focus on your Purpose.
  • Jesus came to seek and save those who are lost
  • What is our purpose , focus more on what God has given you and make a difference in  it
  • Jesus/Moses and other prophets did not lose their  purpose and achieved so much

If you are struggling in an area and you prayed about it and its not working it most likely it’s not your area of calling. It is easier to make impact in your area of call.

  1. Focus on Relationship.
  • Labor on people, love people. You don’t need to like what they are doing, but you need to love them.
  • Be a better person.
  • Do whatever you do to change lives for better.

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