MARRIAGE 101 (4) – Pastor Tolu Okusanya

July 22, 2018

MARRIAGE 101 (4) – Pastor Tolu Okusanya

Please release yourself to the Lord Jesus afresh this morning….. Release yourself to the ministry of the Holy Ghost in whatever area of life you may need healing this morning.

There was a rolling away of every shame / disgrace and reproaches a Gilgal for God’s covenant People.

That Grace is available here (GILGAL) his morning

We receive our Victory this morning…….

1st Peter Chapter 3; Verse 1…….. Likewise ye wife, be in subjection to your own husbands….

If you are not in subjection to the instructions of Christ as part of His body then there is something wrong and that is DISOBEDIENCE and it has its attendant consequences.

Our Actions speaks louder that voice.

When your wife complains, kindly enjoy the ride it is all a part of the bargain. Roll with it, deal with our wife with knowledge and so avoid strife in the home.

1st Peter 3:9……

Keep your tongue from evil and our lips from speaking guile


  1. Satan is interested in every marriage. He never wanted any marriage to succeed in the first place. So fight for your marriage, contend for it.  By the time you start noticing unusual attitude in your spouse. Contend in faith in the place of prayer for your marriage. Be a Woman/Man of prayer where your marriage is concerned.
  2. Constant Work. Every good marriage requires constant work to make it better.
  3. To enjoy a peaceful marriage, KICK the devil out
  4. WISDOM alone builds the marriage
  5. By wisdom the woman builds, by understanding the man establishes

When couples function as a team there can be increase

To enjoy our marriages constantly consider this few a factors

  • Affection
  • Attention

Spend time with each other, communicate with each other, and pay attention to yourselves

It cements and strengthens the marriage. An average man is FUNCTIONAL (a man

Believes he owes his family a duty to provide for them).

While an Average woman is EMOTIONAL, she needs more attention and the “beautiful nonsense”, in communicating with them. Check in on them often and reaffirm your love to them.


Be addicted to your spouse; let it be that you cannot do without each other. Carry each

Other along in all you do.

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