June 25, 2019


-Pastor Bolanle Okusanya

Bible Reading: Matt 1:18-25

Great parenting isn’t about money, it is about great character

The example you set at home is IMPORTANT!

A lying parent will produce lying children therefore, character is important in parenting

Studying the life of Joseph:

Matthew 2:13-14

Joseph did not leave Mary nor forsake Jesus even though he wasn’t his biological son

Joseph was a godly man, that is why he could respect and acknowledge the angel

Super fathers must not fail no matter what they’re going through

Matthew 7:9-11

Romans 6:15

It is great to know we have a heavenly father

1 Corinthians 8:6

Ephesians 1:3

There were particular characteristics in Joseph that made him a super dad

A super dad is a pillar of strength, support and discipline

Our heavenly father is compassionate, therefore our earthly fathers should be compassionate

A super father shouldn’t discriminate.

A super father should provide emotional support for his family

A father’s presence in the family is very important

A super dad should be an example of Christian living

A Godly father is a gift from God

Being a super dad isn’t just about talk but must be backed up by action.

Joseph was a great example of what a godly step parent should be like

Always learn to correct with love

Joseph treated Jesus as one of his own and did not discriminate

Qualifications of a Super Dad

  1. GODLY:

Every father must be a man of the spirit. Super dads must be spiritual

What you put into your child most times is what you get back. Teach by example and let the word of god be found in your mouth

Fathers, lead by example! What you give is what you get therefore you must give the best.

What our kids see at home will determine how they choose to live. Good character is important.

Fathers, it is your duty to always give your children the best. Not just in cash but also spiritual things


A super father must be reachable to God and his children


All through the time, Jesus was growing up, Joseph was responsible

You must be responsible for the upkeep of your children that is why we have our heavenly father as an example

Be involved in the upbringing of your kids. Be part of their developmental stages.


Be reliable and let your children see you as a father


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