The Real Deal – Pastor Bimbo Oloye

June 24, 2018

The Real Deal – Pastor Bimbo Oloye

– Pastor ‘Bimbo Oloye

The real deal is about the blessing. The blessing is the real deal

God had Abraham in Mind to test run the Real deal to give us an appearance to what it is like to follow God. That was why he asked him to leave his father’s house and follow Him—Follow The Real Deal.

Abraham Obeyed and went on a journey of faith with God

This morning am saying you have a real deal if you stay with God in spite of whatever you are currently going through.

The Condition Abraham left home with was Barrenness    – Genesis: 17 verse 1

Abraham’s call into the journey of Faith. God changed his name from Abram to Abraham
(Father to Father of Nations).

God made Abraham realized that the real deal he has for him is not Eliazer but Isaac which at the time seems elusive but God says wait for the real deal.

God is telling us also today “wait for the real deal” – Genesis: 26 verse 2

Isaac (The REAL DEAL) eventually came on the scene and God transferred the promise to his father unto him.

Isaac had lack to contend with and starvation was staring him in the face and he wants to go to search for sustenance but God stopped him and spoke BLESSINGS into his life.  Isaac stayed back and sowed in a land of famine and reaped a 100 fold because he waited on God.

We are connected to God’s Covenant with Abraham through Christ Jesus our redeemer

The REAL DEAL will not be overwhelmed by the negativity you might have or be suffering. When God Comes in He Gives you double for your trouble.

When Jacob Came on the scene and was of age his uncle LABAN was trying to hold him down having seen the blessing of GOD upon his life.  He cheated him several time but God eventually came through for him with the REAL DEAL by giving him a revelation that brought the overflow into his life.

Genesis: 31 verse 5

And the Lord told Jacob to return unto his father’s land after blessing him in LABAN’S house after the uncle had cheated him 10 times.

How are we connected to Abraham?

GALATIANS: 3 verse 14. Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law……….

The Abrahamic Blessings was transferred down the life and God adopted us into the family through Christ Jesus. Christ made himself a curse for the Blessing to be realized even in our own life.

  • Like Abraham I am Blessed
  • Like Isaac I am Blessed
  • Like Jacob I am Blessed

Ephesians Chapter 1   Blessed be the father of our Lord Jesus Christ………

You can with boldness approach God because of the blessing

You can make demand as a son because of the Blessing.

God in His wonderful way make known unto Abraham that you can achieve the impossible when you walk with God. You have Divine Direction in God

You are Chosen to showcase his grace and faithfulness

With The Holy Ghost, you have a generator within you that give you the POWER to achieve

You can achieve the impossible only if you are in Christ

Paul told us we must have the knowledge of the WHO and the WHAT in embedded in the blessing

Ephesians: 1 Verse 15; For this reason…..

Know Him better…. Knowing God Better

Having known God the Onus is on you to make the good choice and grow in knowing God because for the more of Him you know the more of the blessings you receive.

The spirit of wisdom and revelation helps you to know more of God….the Holy Ghost.

Ephesians: 1 verse 13 to 14

The Carnal man may not understand the things of the spirit unless he has the spirit of God in him otherwise he remains in flesh thinking only of his immediate needs and wants in the physical.

Know Him Better and have much more of what HE (GOD) has to offer.

You are the architect of whatever comes your way and the decision is yours to make to know him better and have the best of him or continue in the way of this world of vain struggles.

Let God Speak to your heart for until the Lord speaks nothing can be done.

It is time to break free!


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