October 21, 2018


Song: Mio ri o rio , olorun mi sugbon mom mo riri re; I have assurance Olorun mi wipe ewa


Who is a shepherd?

He oversees a herd of sheep leading them to find pasture and water and oftentimes had to ward off danger from the flock.

Everything in nature and on earth carries the fingerprint of God

Adam was the thumbprint of God on earth and in creation and so all humans carries the fingerprint of God. You and I are finger prints of God.

Apart from our being His fingerprint, his presence registers the mark of ownership upon his own. John 10: verse 3.

Things don’t just happen without a cause and when good things happen to people it is because of God’s presence. Joseph in the house of Potiphar was an example. It was God’s presence that brought Joseph from prison to the throne and even His boss Potiphar had to bow down for him.

Darkness is irrelevant in God’s presence

If not for the fingerprint of God that is upon us nothing we do would have been successful. And the good hand of the Lord will yet take you to his pre-determined destination of success and establishment.

Numbers Chapter 12 Verse 5

When Moses was roughly spoken to by Mariam, God showed up for him and the disrespect of Moses was rewarded with leprosy. Be careful how you relate with the Authority of God in the life of his servants so that you don’t suffer reprisals. They are God’s fingerprints.

The Authority and approval of God is his fingerprint in the life of his servants.

Child of God, after heeding the call of salvation…. Go on and answer the call to stewardship

John 10 Verse 3&4 …..Heed the call and follow Christ and be conformed to his directives

Work on yourself unto conformity

2Cor 3 verse 18…….. He call us unto conformity to show his glory as we manifest his wisdom

If we are not seeing what we should see the problem is not with the shepherd it is with us. Are we heeding and conforming? Stop striving with His spirit.

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