June 12, 2019


– Pastor Tolu’ Okusanya

Text: Galatians 5.13-24

There are two physical forces in life battlefield

  1. Force of the flesh
  2. Force of satan

The flesh is more powerful than the devil.

Sin activates the flesh.

The design of God for man is to be like Him: God. Gen. 1:28

The devil will not have succeeded if there is no flesh or sin.

Both forces are subject to Christ. Christ has defeated both. Gal. 5:24, 2:20, Mark 11:22

I live by the faith of Christ. I operate by the Spirit of Christ. 1Jn 3:8.

There might be a break in fellowship but there is no break in the relationship.

The flesh has been defeated by Christ.

The flesh attracts sin and sin attracts the devil and the devil has come to kill, steal and destroy.

Jesus bound the devil and his demons.

Jesus has taken the peace and joy that he stole from you back.

Everything Jesus did, he did for us.

He didn’t just do the will of the father, he did the father’s will concerning us.

Jesus became flesh and blood, so he could die and through death, he could destroy him who had the power of death (the devil).

The devil is destroyed! Hallelujah!

He was defeated on the cross. So a believer in Christ today, is delivered from the sting of death.

Hebrews 2:14

You are delivered from the bondage of fear and death! Delivered from poverty!

We must know where we are in Christ! If we don’t know, life will be bitter and hard.

Life isn’t always fair but we are the ones to tame life and bring it to its knees.

We are overcomers of life.

Before challenges come, you need to be prepared for your victory even before the challenge comes.

We are immune by the blood.

Every affliction of death is neutralized today in Jesus name!.

Christ is all in all today. He is the one with ALL ROUND VICTORY.

Colossians 1:12-18

When you are redeemed you are bought back and in redemption, you are FULLY bought. There is no part ownership.

Ownership is complete with the One who bought us.

We belong totally to Jesus.

Galatians 2:20

Don’t play with your salvation and your Christian faith.

The flesh works death but Christ has brought life.

The flesh is the enemy within and it exploits our weaknesses within us.

Never seek prominence in life, always seek relevance!

When you are relevant, prominence will follow.

There must always be an enemy within.

1 Peter 5:8

By the blood, we have victory over the devil because Christ has already defeated him.

When you envy people when they progress, then you are partnering with the devil.

Our personal spiritual growth will advance the kingdom of God.

The devil is not interested in your progress.

Revelation 12:7(There is a past, a present and future to this prophecy).

The creature cannot have victory over the creator.

The devil is defeated but he is still active with deception but never allow yourself to be deceived.

#1. Hold out your shield of faith every day

Ephesians 6:10-16

Principalities are lower and powers are higher.

We must stand when the evil days come.

Your strength will not fail on the day of adversity in Jesus name!.

The devil is defeated but he still throws darts he has an endless supply so you must have an endless supply of faith that is why your shield must always be in place and your armor intact.

Operate by faith everyday! Don’t leave anything to chance.

Faith is Your positive response to everything grace has made available.

Grace has made and faith must take!.

Walk in faith every day.

Your shield is your victory! Hold it out in faith every day.

Walk by faith and speak faith every day.

1 John 5:4-5

#2. Live in the spirit and live from your spirit.

Colossians 3:16

If God’s word is in us, the presence of the Holy Spirit will be comfortable within us.

When you live in the spirit, you mortify the flesh.

When you live from your spirit, your sensitivity level is high.

Don’t live from your flesh i.e. your physical senses. Man naturally, is a spirit being

When you are absent in the body you are present with the Lord

#3. Don’t ever bring God’s word down to the level of your thinking. Always take your thinking up to the level of God’s word.

The supernatural comes into focus on the strength of simple instructions


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