WARNING MARKERS – Pastor Omobolanle Okusanya

August 26, 2018

WARNING MARKERS – Pastor Omobolanle Okusanya

Bible Reading

Philipian 2 verse 1 – 10


If you are not saved your life is in shambles, your life is dead, I wonder where I would have been if not with God. It’s a privilege to be called a child of God.

When you see some of the warning markers we will share this morning, take caution retrace your step and correct yourself, make amends, repent and come back unto God’s path.

Marker 1: Philippians 2 …..

Don’t be interested in only yourself, think of other people around you…. Make sure you yield all of you to serve God to the benefit of all around you. We are saved to serve.

Mark 10 verse 45……. To act as a servant, wait on someone, be of assistant………

God wants us to serve Him and others around us thus shall the Glory of the father be felt by others through us. There can be progress without a process…. You are saved to serve.

Luke 4 verse 5-……….The temptation of Jesus Christ……

Most people want to acquire everything; it is the temptation of the devil….beware!  Study the bible and know what it says.   Do not give too much to your business and treasures of the world to the detriment of the things of God. Take heed be careful.

Are there other things taking the place of God in our lives.

What are you doing with the talents God gave you……are you serving the giver?

Romans 12 verse 11…..Do not be slothful not lagging in diligence, fervent in spirit serving the Lord.

Malachi 3 verse 17-18…..then you shall be mine on that day that I will make them my jewel and I will spare them as a man spares his son who serves him…. Check your service life.


Exodus 23 verse 25 …….   Serve the Lord and he will bless your bread and your water……

Remind God of all of his promises unto you…if you are serving God….for that is a pre-condition to the fulfillment of the promise. He is faithful to his word. It cannot go unfulfilled.

1Chronicles 28 verse 9……..if you seek god you will find him and he will be God indeed.

Luke 1 verse 8……. It was that while he was serving as priest…………Be found in your place of service.

The entire lot of the Lord Jesus Christ while on earth was to serve God.

We serve God with love and he sees and rewards our Labor of love

Serve the Lord with Gladness and with fear

When you serve others you are serving God

When you serve God you discover and develop your gifting.  Serving also help you develop your faith in God. “God does not call the Equipped he equips the called”


Pray, Study the Bible, Evangelize, Give


1Cor 12 verses 1 – 11……..

  • Don’t Worship Idols……. Focus on God, Serve Him Only..( God/Family/Society)
  • Holiness ……….. Work out your holiness to perfection.  Numbers 25 verse 1
  • Don’t Rebel. Numbers 25 verse 5: Psalm 78 verse 8

Do not disobey authority; don’t be involved in rebellion in anyway

  • Don’t Murmur……Numbers 14 verse 2-3… Don’t complain while serving God, give Thanks instead.


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  1. Peter olusoji oyeleke says:

    You have done good job folks.God rewards you all.

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