Weapons of Warfare – Pastor ‘Bolanle Okusanya

November 18, 2018

Weapons of Warfare – Pastor ‘Bolanle Okusanya

Bible Reading: 2nd Corinthians 10 Verse 1-10

Paul in the Passage read said “for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal……

Ephesians 6: verse 10……. As Children of God we are so blessed because our God is ever fresh, current and on time.

The devil is faithful in his destructive ministry but the Lord God has come to destroy he works of the Devil. He devil is invisible and so much so is he warfare we engage in daily

You cannot fight spiritual battles with physical weapons ….

Your better days can never be in your past… For the Lord says “The path of the righteous shines brighter by the day.  God has done all that he will do for us, it is left for us to go and do a review of our lives and move on with God.

We cannot negotiate with the devil, He is faithful to his mission (to steal to kill and to destroy) and has not repented, he will always keep trying but we should know how to deal with stuffs he presents all the time: Nightmares, Spiritual husbands, setbacks and all; do not go running from pillar to post. He has given us weapons to overcome principalities and powers in high places.

Hebrews 2:1

Learn to and persevere in the spirit and in the place of prayer.

The fight we are fighting is a good fight and it is being done in faith, the devil cannot and must not overcome you.                Serve God faithfully and not Facefully.

The fight of faith is what God has called us to fight, walk in the victory God has won for you

We have guaranteed victory using our God given weapons.

James 4: verse 7

Exodus 17…., 1st Samuel 17

When David was offered Saul’s armor, he said “I’ve not tried this before”……….

What weapons have you tried before? Have you tried Praises? , Have you Tried Prayers or thanksgiving?

Whatever spiritual weapon you try will work for you in Christ Jesus.

It is not all the time you pray, sometimes you ask God Questions and whatever answer/ directives he gives you run with. Ask for directions.  Why is my marriage failing? Why are my kids unruly? Why is my business not prospering? God will answer.

Sometimes the answers to our prayers are already there with us

We should pray to God to open our eyes that we may see all that he has prepared for us

1st Weapon…..Study the Bible

Devote more time to the word of God, it is whatever you have in you that you can confront the devil with, remember it was the word that Jesus Christ himself used to overcome the devil in the garden of Gethsemane.

2nd Weapon ….Prayer…..

Get up and pray, the spirit prompts us most times but we sometimes ignores it

3rd Weapon…… Praise

Praise God for all he has done and for all you expect of him in advance

4th Weapon…….Testimony

Testify of his goodness, let the devil know of the victories God has won for you before and that in itself is an assurance that your victories in life’s challenges is sure.

5th Weapon…….Giving (2kings Chapter4)

“Give and it will come back to you…..”  This is God’s promise to you, whatever you give goes ahead of you as a seed of which you surely will reap a harvest. God cannot fail and his words are yeah and amen!.

6th Weapon…….Confession

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